How To Get Rid Of First Day Jitters


So you may know from social media that I just started a new job. Today was my first day and it was such a good but overwhelming day. You know when you just start something new and your brain is overloaded with information? That's what I'm feeling right now. My brain has soaked in so much and I just don't know what to do with it all; not yet anyway. That being said as today was my first day I thought I'd share some quick and practical tips on how to get rid of/avoid first day jitters. I thought this would be something good I could share with you guys and who knows, it may be useful if you're also starting a new job or fast approaching your first day at college or university because we all know how nerve wracking these life events can be.

*Jumper Dress - Tobi
*Trousers - Tobi
Shoes - Primark
Bag - ASOS (sold out - Alternative)


The first tip is definitely something I did yesterday and something I plan on doing more of now that I'm part of the 9-5 crew; going to bed early! I don't typically go to bed late to be honest with you but it happens all too often and all too easily. It starts with binge-watching a show I love or aimlessly scrolling on Instagram but one way or another I do find myself going to bed at stupid O'clock at least 3 nights out of the week in some weeks which is not ideal. I mean who wants to show up to their first day with bags under their eyes and too tired to take anything in? Not me! This is why yesterday I was in bed by half 11 and asleep soon after. I also spent the few minutes before bed getting my attire and bag ready and this allowed me a few extra minutes in bed which I always need because me and early mornings are not the best of pals.


Nothing will make you feel more nervous and self conscious than an outfit which is not appropriate for work. My advice is whatever your university, college or work dress code is; stick to that. If you're not sure what is or isn't appropriate my tip would be to keep it conservative until you've had a chance to look around. I'd say too tight, too short or too low is a definite no and I'd also advise covering up tattoos and removing piercings until you know for sure what the policy around them is.

I'm lucky that my new job is in the creative field. The dress code is smart-casual and the policies on tattoos and piercings are very relaxed. I know now that I could have easily worn this outfit from Tobi (bar the footwear and bag) today if I had wanted to, but as it was my first day and I really wasn't sure this morning, I kept it conservative and went with something different. I wore some smart paper-bag trousers with a striped t-shirt and I covered up my tattoos with a cardigan.

Now that I'm sure what the policies are I can play around a bit more with what I wear but I'll always make sure that I stick to the dress code provided. Trust me, it's easier to work when you don't feel like people are staring at you every two seconds or laughing at what you're wearing behind your back.



Having a friend and someone you can talk to on your first day can do wonders for calming the ol' nerves. It will help you feel less like a lost sheep and it's just good to have someone you can bounce ideas off, ask questions and sit with in the lunch canteen. If you don't know anyone at your new job; no worries! Show your confidence by introducing yourself and who knows you might be helping someone who's feeling equally as nervous as you are, feel better.

Play nice with others! No one likes "the bitch" or "the know it all" so don't be standoffish. Be polite, be helpful and keep an open mind. Exude warmth, approachability and enthusiasm for your new job and for getting to know your colleagues BUT keep it professional. Don't get mixed up in already existing politics and don't be swayed by people with axes to grind. Office gossip is everywhere but as I say keep it cute and mute! Always remember that your first day can set the tone for your entire work experience.


No matter how nerve wracking and overwhelming your first day can be, keep it cool and be like a duck. Stay calm on the surface but paddle like hell underneath! LOL.

Seriously, you don't need to be anxious about first days. You don't need to know everything and you don't need to feel embarrassed if you don't - spend some time researching and preparing before your first day, arrive early, ask questions, smile and enjoy it! You won't be the only one feeling nervous and chances are even the most experienced person in that company or university or whatever, was once in your position and they totally understand.

So with that being said, whatever you first day experience is; work, uni or otherwise, don't fret! Enjoy it and hey, Congratulations!



Tee says:

I hate the first day at a new job, its always mix of excitement and nervousness. but it has to be done! lol get pointers youve listed there, going to bed early helps alot!! congrats on the new job btw xx

Natasha FS. says:

thanks hun xx

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