Help! I’m Struggling To Get A Good Work-Life Balance


The novelty of a new job is starting to wear off. It has been two weeks at my new job and as exciting and new as these past two weeks have been; they have also been exhausting. I thought I could do it all (work, gym, blog, church commitments etc.) and now I'm actually not sure. It could just be growing pains and I might just need to give myself more time to adjust and get into the rhythm of things but right now I just feel like I have a terrible work-life balance. Every time I try to do one thing, another thing suffers and that has been the cycle of the past two weeks. You know what I mean right? See your friends and your work gets neglected. Do your work and you get serious FOMO. It's like you can't just do it all and when you try to do it all you can't do it all well. It's really been getting me down immensely over the past few days and I guess that's what led me to writing this log post.

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Last week I just about managed to stay on top of my Instagram posts but failed miserably at getting any blog content out. I had all intentions of editing my pictures and writing some posts but the sheer exhaustion of a full day at work followed by a mediocre attempt at the gym just didn't leave me inspired to write anything. I literally came home from work one day and decided I had enough and was not even going to open my laptop to do anything that required brain matter. Instead I came in, had some food and lay in bed after a little pamper and just rested. It felt so good but I won't lie I was also riddled with guilt. Guilt over all the posts I had to write, invoices I had to send out and emails I had to reply to. On top of that I had the guilt of enjoying my new job more than blogging and feeling like I had abandoned this little space on the internet that I worked tirelessly towards over the past 4 years. It really did make me feel like shit.

I was in a bit of a slump for a few days but after I read Chelcie Nicole's Blog about how she manages her full time job and blogging, those feelings shifted. Immediately after reading that post I was inspired and motivated and I realised that all I needed to do was organise myself better and try not to do too much. I had to look at my capabilities and the time I had available and just work with it. It gave me a serious reality check and a kick up the backside and I now have a plan of action which I'll be implementing over the next few weeks.



The plan is to now shoot content once or twice a month rather than weekly. It requires extra effort and expense as I'll have to travel to London to shoot with the photographer I'll now be working with but the way I see it, it'll be worth it. I'll be able to get some great shots in some new surroundings and also make a day of it once a month; what's not to love? I've already booked in for my first session and my tickets for London are also booked and I'm actually really excited. it had also inspired me a lot and I've found myself scrolling through Instagram for inspiration on places to shoot and the kind of shots and vibes I want. As well as shooting once a month I've also decided to write as and when I'm inspired. This means writing stuff down in my notebook and on my phone when I get an idea or an entire blog post. I think this will enable me to always have something in my arsenal, especially for those days where I feel like I have writer's block.

My usual working method is doing pictures first and then letting them inspire the content I'll write. As I do all my editing myself, by the time I actually come to writing my posts my creative juices are completely depleted which is really annoying. I have at times had to literally force myself to write something which I really don't like doing because I feel like you guys can tell. I'm hoping now that the editing is going to be done by my photographer, I can just focus all my creativity into shoot ideas and content which is what I actually really love and enjoy.

Blog posts will stay at the usual frequency of twice a week with Tuesdays being fashion related and Fridays being anything my heart desires. I will however not break out in hives if I can only get one post out in a certain week because I can't kill myself. I hope you dolls can understand when this happens (because it will) and know that I'm human and sometimes I just can't do it all.


I'm hoping that by doing all these things I won't have to stress so much about keeping on top of things on a day-to-day basis. I'm also hoping it'll mean that I can do all the other things I love and enjoy without the pang of guilt I've become accustomed to. As Always I'll keep you updated and let you know if this plan is a yay or a nay but right now I'm feeling very optimistic and excited about doing things in this way. I look forward to seeing what the next few months bring and finding out if I can improve my work-life balance.

How do you organise yourselves to get a good work-life balance?


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Stephylately says:

My advice is take one step at a time . From the sound of this ,you seem to have a proper plan in place and am happy about that . Personally I only write or post content when I feel inspired to not because I have to. You got this. Best wishes .

Natasha FS. says:

Thanks Hun x

Shannon Kara says:

OMG I can totally relate! I’ve been so bad at planning it feels like EVERYTHING is taking a hit. I haven’t found time to blog, take pics or anything lately. Genuinely it’s been so bad that I have felt like giving up. Your plan sounds good and I hope you do get your mojo back as I look forward to your posts! I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things as I do miss blogging! Congrats on the job too hun x

Natasha FS. says:

Thanks Hun! I’m aure you’ll get back into it, just take your time and go one step at a time. X

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