4 Simple Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas is around the corner and I'm sure most of you have already started your Christmas shopping. Kudos to you if you have but if like me you haven't even picked up a single gift; this post is for you. Whether you're looking for a stocking filler or a little prezzie for a loved one, colleague or friend, these 4 items in today's post are perfect. They're unisex, simple, practical and affordable. I guarantee they'll put a smile on anyone's face you get them for.

You can use these specific products and brands as a starting point for your Christmas gifts but feel free to go for brands and similar products that match you or the person you are shopping for. I've linked various options under each category, some from the same brand and some from others. Whichever way you go I hope this little gift guide helps you out if you're stuck. happy Shopping!


1. Ideal Of Sweden Phone Case £29.99

A phone case seems like an obvious choice and £29.99 may seem a little steep but trust me for the sass and quality you'll get from Ideal Of Sweden, it'll be totally worth it. I have two cases from Ideal Of Sweden and I love them. They're stylish but also sturdy and durable. Perfect if you're a clumsy like me and always dropping your phone. Not only do Ideal of Sweden have sassy phone cases like the one pictured but they also have wallet cases, phone holders, mounts, screen protectors and charging accessories. They're totally your one stop shop for all things phone and will be the perfect place to pick up a phone accessory for a crimbo prezzie this year.


2. Tropic Skincare Body Velvet £28

My second gift choice is a lovely, luxurious body butter. It's a practical but indulgent present that is perfect for the winter. This specific one is from Tropic Skincare and it's absolutely amazing. It's a whipped body butter whisked with vanilla extracts for a delicious scent and it is also infused with fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients to protect against dry skin. I've tried this body butter myself and I love it. It melts into my skin and keeps me hydrated all day. Not to mention it smells like heaven and Christmas rolled into one. I reckon it would make a great gift for your mums, sisters, female colleagues and freinds. Guys, keep your hair on this would be great for you too but if the vanilla small is a little too "feminine" for you I've linked some other options below. Don;t ever say I don't include you lads.


3. Tropic Skincare So Sleepy Pillow Mist £20

Keeping with the skincare and beauty theme I thought I'd also add this amazing pillow mist also from Tropic Skincare. Christmas is infamously known for being one of the busiest times of the year and it may be hard to relax and wind down for many of us during this period with all the tasks we have to do. Not to mention you might not be able to fit in (or afford) a trip to the spa to unwind but fear not; you can give the gift of relaxation in the form of this sleep inducing pillow mist. It contains a blend of 7 calming essential oils and it's also alcohol free and perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. I also love that it comes in a nifty travel size and would make a great gift for Christmas. you can give it as a stocking filler on it's own or add it to some other bits to make a cool Christmas skincare gift hamper.


4. Happy Socks Holiday Socks Gift Box £21.95

My last pick is the epitome of spreading Christmas cheer. I'm not one for obnoxious Christmas jumpers but Christmas socks I can definitely do. I mean who doesn't need socks right? In the winter they're pretty much as essential as oxygen and the more Christmas-y the better. I absolutely love this cute gift box from Happy Socks which includes 3 pairs of festive socks. I love Happy Socks because they're quality is absolutely amazing and their socks are so sassy and fun. Sock's don't have to be boring, especially during good ol' crimbo! Add these babied to someone's stocking this Christmas and you'll be guaranteed to put a smile on their face. I've added various options down below so get shopping and give the gift of warm toes to your loved ones this festive season. They'll love you for it, I promise.

That wraps up my 4 simple Christmas gifts to give this year my loves and I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I'd love to know some of your fail safe Christmas gift ideas because I honestly need the help with my prezzies this year. Share your ideas and suggestions down and below for both men and women. I'd love to hear what you guys will be giving this Christmas. Happy festive season!


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