How To Update Your Home For The Summer


Preparing for the summer is fun and we all do it. From changing up our hairstyles and wardrobes to making sure our skin is preened within an inch of it's life; we're all guilty of it. But how many of us put as much thought into getting our homes and surroundings equally as ready for warmer weather?

I love an excuse to update my bedroom decor and in the summer I'm all for it. I aim to bring some of that summer brightness and warmth into my surroundings and no doubt I'll be doing the same to every room in my house once I get my own place. I feel that it's important to inject subtle changes into your surroundings as the same thing can get very boring. Especially if you work from home like I do because your surroundings can really affect your creativity. I thought I'd put together a post about five subtle changes you can make to your home interiors for the summer complete with some images for inspiration. These are just a few simple things you can do that won't cost you an awful lot.



If you don't want to make a huge change to rooms in your house by painting and other major decorating undertakings; I suggest going light! This could be done by switching out heavier rugs, thicker blankets and drapes with much lighter options. Think light throws and airier voile curtains. I promise you a small change like this will lift the mood in a room and bring a more relaxed vibe. It can also do wonders for opening up spaces more and making them appear bigger and brighter. All without costing you an arm and a leg.          


Re-upholstering your living room chairs is a good way to update your living room but it can be very time consuming and super expensive. A cheaper alternative is to stick with your old couches and add some new cushions. Not only will this instantly change the look of your living space without doing much but it's also super fun and affordable. You can play with different colours and prints and really inject some serious personality into your living room. I'm currently loving ethnic touches so I would go for pieces that reflect this. You could go for whatever tickles your fancy like bold colours, vibrant prints and fun fabrics. The possibilities are endless and of course if you get bored you can just change the covers. Simple!          


Metal accents are also a good way to update your space for the summer in a subtle way. You can go all out by changing and updating the hardware in rooms such as your kitchen and bathroom or you can just add metal touches here and there with light fixtures, vases, tea light holders and other fun decorative bits. You can even get more creative by going for unconventional and trendy metals such as gun metal and rose gold. Go for whatever suits your space and personality best.

If you do decide to go with bigger undertakings which involve tampering with stuff such as your plumbing and electrics, make sure you have home insurance that covers you if anything goes wrong. It's always important to make sure you're covered for all eventualities and I've included a link below to Chill Insurance who are a home insurance company that provide home insurance cover for less.



Another simple way to update your summer interiors is to add plants and prints. They are both very inexpensive additions that can make all the difference. Plants bring life and vibrancy to a space and you can go for any plants you like. If you're not very green-fingered I'd suggest going for low maintenance plants like cacti and succulents. This is more up my street as I am known to have killed a plant or two in my time.

Prints are also another great way to update your interiors. You can get prints that reflect your taste and personality and can go for different sizes to add character and interest to your space. You can also play with the frames to create looks that are aesthetically pleasing and that suit your space perfectly. With places like Etsy and Desenio you're guaranteed to find prints that you will love at a great price so make sure you check them out.



The last way to update your summer interiors is more bedroom focused and it involves updating your bed linens. This is such a simple way to make your bedroom feel like an entirely different space whether your decorating style is minimal or more eclectic. Go for linens that reflect the summer mood and definitely go for linens that are of light texture for those warm summer nights. Implementing this change while also switching up your curtains and cushions is enough to update your bedroom for the summer. Simple but very effective.


I hope you enjoyed this quick post and got some useful tips on how you can update your spaces this summer. What other ways can you update your living space without breaking the bank? Share your ideas in the  comments below.

[Pictures from Pinterest]
*This post is a collaborative post with Chill Insurance*


I love the idea of adding prints to your space, I think they look soo clean and put together!

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I totally agree! I love prints x

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