Bright Colour-Block Pumps


Don't you just love it when you discover an old item that you can use now?! I totally live for moments like that (as well as finding money in my pockets or underneath the couch). I think of these moments as life's little surprises. Which is exactly what these bright colour-block pumps from Barratts are. Life's little surprises.

I was on the hunt for some bright pumps after seeing blogger babe Lydia E Millen strutting her stuff in some colourful Manolo Blanikhs. Knowing full well that I can never in my wildest dreams afford Manolos right now, I knew a high street pair would have to do (until I made it big or won the lottery). Unfortunately the high-street didn't seem to have what I was after. Every shoe I found that was remotely close to what I was looking for was either super uncomfortable or too expensive to justify buying. Needless to say I gave up on trying to find a pair of bright pumps and I consoled myself by telling myself that I wouldn't have got much wear out of bright pumps anyway. Which is true; but I still would have liked a pair to jazz up my usually monochromatic and plain outfits. Nevertheless, I put the idea behind me and moved on and then BAM! l I discovered these Barratts babies in a box at the top of my wardrobe during a spring cleaning session!


I totally forgot I had these shoes. I bought them impulsively off a Depop seller a few years ago and I think I only wore them once before stuffing them in a box and forgetting about them. I'm actually surprised I didn't chuck them out because I'm known for getting rid of stuff on a whim. I don't tend to get attached to stuff very easily and I hate hoarding and overcrowding. If something hasn't been worn or used in a while it's usually thrown out or given way. Saying that, I'm happy I didn't get rid of these babies because they are exactly what I was after. They're colourful, they're comfortable and they cost me nothing because I already had them. Win. win and win!

*Top - Apricot clothing (alternatives) | Jeans - PrimarK/DIY (similar) | Shoes - Barrats/Old (alternatives)

I styled my colourful babies with a relaxed banker stripe shirt from Apricot Clothing and some distressed hem jeans that I DIYed. The shoes were easily the focus because the outfit was quite simple and I love how this look turned out. I also love that the shoes have three different colours on them. This makes them quite versatile to style with colour or with something monochrome. Either way, these shoes are absolutely adorable and have confirmed the fact that bright pumps are a must have for SS17. I can't wait to style these with a little white dress or with some cut-offs and a simple white tee. They just add instant interest to an outfit and make it look more thought out and put together than it actually may be.

Are you a fan of bright pumps? How would you style them?


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Phot0s by Taylor Ivanna


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5 responses to “Bright Colour-Block Pumps”

  1. Holly says:

    Wow those shoes are beautiful. If only I could walk in heels. You certainly work them and I love the rest of your outfit too xxx

  2. Brittany says:

    Those shoes!!!! Love how you put this look together

  3. Alisha Dandy says:

    Each item compliments each other so well! Absolutely love how you styled this. The shoes are fab!

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