To Personal Style Or Not To Personal Style? That Is The Question.


Today's look is so different for me. Mixing feminine and masculine pieces has always been a part of my personal style but I must admit I'm usually a lot more subtle than this. Nevertheless, I like this outfit. I like it a lot. Hence why I'm choosing to share it with you guys as well as share some thoughts on staying true to personal style but still being able to experiment.

Personal Style Vs. Trends

Staying true to your personal style is very important. It gives you an instant sense of identity and it even gives you a comfort zone. However, personal style isn't a maximum security prison and trust me if you veer from it's confines you won't be shot down with a rifle like an escaped convict. A bit of a dramatic metaphor but you get my point. It's okay to experiment and to try something different. You can bloody well recreate that runway look from fashion week and you can buy into that trend that's all over the high street. Which is exactly what I'm doing with today's look where I'm rocking the slogan tee/jumper trend.


I think my personal style is distinctive and many a time I hear my friends say "that's so you" and "I can totally see you wearing that". This is a clear indication that I have a look about me and that I tend to gravitate towards certain items. So much so that even my non-fashion obsessed friends notice. However, I'm of the opinion that personal style can evolve with time and it can also be influenced. It is not this impenetrable wall that many believe it to be and it's totally okay to try something new.

So is today's post my declaration that I'm completely changing my personal style? No it's not. This is my declaration that I'm more open to change, to trends and to colour. A declaration that I'm still going to stay true to myself but will try out some new things too. I mean I wore a pink shirt in my Sorry Not Sorry post, something I never thought I'd do. And yes that look was totally influenced by the "Pink Trend" happening at the moment but even despite it's influence it was still very "Me". I don't feel in any way, shape or form that I've compromised my personal style. The look was still very feminine and simple with a masculine edge (which is what I consider my personal style to be by the way if anyone cares).


I'm not here to rally everyone into a trend buying frenzy. Nor am I here to say that those who religiously stick to their personal style are wrong. I'm here to say that fashion is fluid. It's okay to ride the wave in order to stay relevant and on trend. The trick is to always add your own flair to whatever outfit you put together. Whatever that flair may be. I mean some of us love our neutral palettes and some of us love looking like a rainbow and some of us love to accessorise. Variety is the spice of life so do you! Just don't feel confined to this lane you've carved out and remember that change is good. Healthy even.

So to personal style or not to personal style? I've given you my answer. I would love to hear yours so let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would also love to know how you would describe your own personal so let me know!

*Top - GLDN UK (similar here) | Trousers - Topshop (similar) | Shoes - H&M (alternatives) | *Bag - GLDN UK (leather cross body version)

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