For The Love Of Stripes

  Don't you just love a good stripe!? I sure do. My love for stripes is unparalleled and I believe that the stripe trend is one that will last the test of time. From the classic Breton stripe to the more dramatic style you see in this post; stripes are here to stay and are sure making a statement this Spring/Summer '17. Que this amazing striped beauty from Dorothy Perkins. Monochrome of course with a hint of red and floor length for added drama. I just couldn't resist! The only drama I like is the one on my TV screen or the one that comes with my clothes so this was an easy purchase for me. I didn't have to umm and ahh and I already had the vision for styling locked and loaded way before I entered my card details at checkout.    
Top - Dorothy Perkins (more shirt dresses) | Jeans - Primark (similar) | Shoes - Primark (similar)

Layering is something I've always loved. It's mostly associated with Autumn/Winter but this spring its all about layering your spring dress over your fave pair of jeans. I had to give it my take of course and I layered this maxi shirt-dress over a pair of DIY Primark jeans. Not only did this create something a little different but it also showcased just one of the different ways I could wear this shirt. It can be worn on it's own with the belt used to cinch it in at the waist or it can be used as a beach cover-up on holiday. It also works as a light duster for the summer time and not to mention it can be dressed up or down. Sassy and versatile!

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I played up the red from the top with a red lip and added my barely there heels which never fail me. I skimped a little on accessories to let the shirt do all the talking but I have pledged to add more accessories to my looks. Especially in the form of interesting shoes and bags. I've upped my trend and colour game (a little) so it's only right that I get the accessories to take things to the next level.

I hope you liked this look and that you were inspired to add some stripes to your spring wardrobe. Sincerest apologies for the lack of face in this post but the wind was such an enemy of progress on this day. It was either crop the face or scrap the post. Well... it's apparent which option I went for because I'm not one to let a good outfit go to waste.

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Photos by Amie Thomas


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  1. Alisha Dandy says:

    Such a nice outfit Tash! Loving the shoes so much! 🙂

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