Finding A Local Videographer With Bidvine

If you follow me on my Instagram and Snapchat you'll know that a little munchkin features on there from time to time. Said munchkin is my four-year old baby sister who actually just turned four a week and a half ago (gosh she's growing up so fast)! As embarrassing as it is to admit; my baby sis has more of a social life than I do. She is always going to activities and parties so it only seemed right that she should have a party of her own. I mean you only turn four once and its extremely important to not only mark the occasion, but to also capture these memories. Hence why I thought it would be a great idea to capture the party on video. Photos are great of course but I thought a video captured by a professional would more appropriate. Especially since the  leading lady can't stay still for longer than a minute. Especially when there's friends, fun and cake involved.

Finding A Local Videographer With Bidvine

Finding an event videographer in my local area was proving to be a hard task to start with and I soon began to regret my bright idea. The whole process was so lengthy and time consuming and I almost gave up. Luckily I was introduced to Bidvine by a fellow blogger and I managed to find an event videographer in Birmingham!

What is Bidvine you ask? An absolute god send! It's basically a website and App that makes hiring local, trusted service professionals as easy as pie! Whether you need a plumber to fix that leaky tap that's been driving you insane or maybe like me you're in dyer need of a videographer at extremely short notice; Bidvine has you covered! It's designed to connect busy customers all over the UK with the right service providers and it's extremely easy to use. All I had to do was complete a quick and easy request submission, wait for professionals to bid for the job and then select the service provider who was the right fit. Easy peasy!

The simple form also allowed me to specify details of the job such as the venue, the amount of time I needed the videographer for and what type of finished product I was after. The form was surprisingly thorough too. It enabled me to get specific about the job without the need for numerous email and phone exchanges. This was exactly what I needed as I just didn't have the time for back and forth communications.

There was also an additional information section for me to fill in any details that were not covered by the questionnaire. This gave me complete confidence that whoever would be bidding for the job would know exactly what I expected. After all this was done, it was a simple matter of sitting back and watching the bids come. There were so many different people to choose from which was great to have variety and quotes to compare. I made my decision after some deliberations and I'm extremely happy with the choice I made. I got exactly what I wanted, at the right price without the hassle and stress. What more can a person ask for?

Would I recommend Bidvine?

I absolutely would recommend using Bidvine. Especially if you ever find yourself in a situation like I did. They have a variety of service providers willing to do the jobs you can't do (or can't be bothered to do). And I'm talking anything from simple chores to tasks that require a  skilled pro. Most importantly all these service providers are trusted and reliable. So not only will you have your task checked off you to-do list but you'll have peace of mind too. And if you're on the go you can download the Bidvine App straight to your phone. Find your pro on the go (see what I did there?)! Perfect if you live a particularly busy lifestyle.

I will definitely be using Bidvine again in the future. It might be for capturing memories, event planning or sorting out life's little inconveniences. Whatever it is, I know that it will definitely be my first point of call for hiring local service providers from now on. No more hours on end on google and no more awkward phone calls!

Have you tried Bidvine? What was your experience?

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2 responses to “Finding A Local Videographer With Bidvine”

  1. Kemi says:

    That app would be so useful – I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. Finding professionals is always hard – took me foreverrrr to find a photographer, so will definitely be recommending this to fellow bloggers haha.

    • tashpantz says:

      I know right!? So handy! Planning on using this for home renovations and things of that nature in the near future x

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