I Finally Wore Gingham


So this happened. I finally wore gingham. Not being one to do things half arsed I not only wore gingham but I went full on picnic table vibes and I looked damn good doing it if I do say so myself!

Gingham is a trend I've steered clear of for years. It's always been beyond me why anyone would want to look like a table cloth. Well, that was until ASOS had it's fashion week and slashed 20% off all things gingham. And you know I'm a slave to a good bargain so what initially started off as a "let me have a quick look" rapidly turned into an "ooh that's nice" and "ooh that's cute" and before I knew it this jumpsuit was in my shopping basket and I was receiving an email that my order had been dispatched. Oops.


Being an impulse buy, I must say I had very low expectations for this jumpsuit. I was so sure that it would arrive only to be sent back right where it came from. Thankfully that wasn't the case and I fell in love with it immediately I tried it on. I mean it's so fun and whimsical and like nothing I've ever had before. How could I resist? Plus I did say in my last style post that I was going to be more open to change and try out some new trends. I guess gingham was first on the list!

Yes it is a bit loud. Lord knows I umm'd and ahhh'd about how I was going to style it but eventually I decided to keep things simple and go with these platform boots from Forever Fever. I just love the mix of the bold gingham with the tough utilitarian edge from the boots. It keeps the look in line with my love for mixing feminine and masculine styles and it looks cool as fuck! I received so many compliments when I wore this outfit and it really gave me a massive boost of confidence to try out more styles and trends that I've steered away from in the past so watch this space.

Jumpsuit - Asos (More Gingham) | *Boots - Forever Fever (Alternative)

What trends are you feeling this spring/summer? what trends would you like to try but have never had the confidence to try before?


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Photos by Joshua Grice


Demilade says:

This gingham jumpsuit looks so good on you! It fits your body completely. I’m glad taking a risk paid off! xx

tashpantz says:

Thanks so much Hun! And yes I’m glad taking a risk paid off too! Xx

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