My Ultimate Spa Day


Now everyone loves a spa break. Myself included. I mean who doesn't love to spend a few hours of their day unwinding, relaxing and being pampered?  It has been a long while since I went to the spa I must say. In fact I think it was around this time last year (note to self: need a spa break SOON!), so when Ellisons contacted me and asked me to do a post on my ultimate spa day I thought why not? At the very least I could live vicariously through my post right?

Before I get into describing my ultimate spa day, I thought I'd tell you guys a little bit about Ellisons. You know, just in case you haven't heard of them before. Ellisons is an online supplier of hair and beauty products. They specialise in wholesale beauty supplies as well as salon essentials and equipment. They are the perfect one stop shop and that's whether you're an individual or a business. I definitely suggest checking them out especially if you're in the beauty industry or if you just fancy some products for a pamper session. From St. Tropez to Wella and L'Oreal; they guarantee to bring the latest and most popular products in the beauty industry. Have any of you guys heard of Ellisons before? Let me know in the comments!

My Ultimate Spa Day

So back to my ultimate spa day and what it would look like. It would definitely be at a countryside spa for starters. I'm a city girl through and through but my idea of relaxation is a nice quaint spa somewhere nice and quiet. I picture a place with great grounds and scenery where I could enjoy a nice stroll after some relaxing treatments. I can just see myself now, sipping some bubbles and relaxing in my fluffy robe and slippers while taking in some gorgeous views.


Next is the company. I'd definitely take my girl Kim with me. Just because rest and relaxation goes so well with gossip and giggles and no one delivers on that more than my girl Kim. I don't actually think I've been to the spa with anyone besides my boyfriend so it would make a good change too and I'm sure he wouldn't mind being left out. Well maybe he would just a little bit because he does love a good pamper too but it's fine. He'd get over it lol.

Now down to the best bit, the treatments. I would love a nice, long, relaxing full body massage with some aromatherapy oils. I find massages so relaxing and so great for sore joints and stress relief. Did you know that a 60 minute full body massage lowers your cortisol levels by 30%? Cortisol is that hormone produced in response to stress. As your cortisol levels drop, the good stuff begins to happen. Your Serotonin levels increase by 28% and this boosts your body's ability to fight off pain, anxiety and feelings of sadness (Just a little biology lesson for you there to show off my geeky side and A level biology knowledge lol).


After a full body massage I'd love a facial. I'm not really that familiar with facials but what I do know is that I would go for a facial that helps with evening out my complexion and reducing dullness. These are the main things my skin struggles with. I have normal to oily combination skin which is blemish prone. Especially in times of stress and at that time of the month #GirlProblems. Any facial that could help me tackle that would be my first choice for sure.

I'd love to say that I'd stop at two treatments but this is the ultimate spa day right? So why not throw in a full mani and pedi too? I must say I neglect my nails. My toe nails always have a coat of polish on that is changed whenever I can't hide my chipped toe nails anymore. As for my finger nails however, they tend to be unpolished and cut short which is not very exciting at all. If and when I do get around to painting them it's usually for a special occasion or a blog shoot if I can be bothered. It's definitely an area I need to spend a little more time on and you know what; I'm putting nail care on the list of things to improve on this year.


My ultimate spa day wouldn't be complete without some prosecco and of course food. And I'm not talking a complementary glass of prosecco either, I'm talking a bottle (maybe two). I mean nothing is better than following up some relaxing treatments with some food, chat and bubbles with my bestie so prosecco and food  is definitely an essential in this fantasy.

I'd go with a quirky afternoon tea as my food selection for my ultimate spa day. There's a few I've heard of but a mad hatter's tea party or a Japanese theme instantly comes to mind. I just love afternoon tea. I love the petite cakes and nibbles, the jams and things. It's fun and delightful and not too heavy after a day of pampering. What would your food selection be at your ultimate spa day?

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I'd probably be happy and content after the food and drinks so my ultimate spa day would come to an end at this point. I think that sums up my ultimate spa day. Actually I take that back. If I could really have it my way, my ultimate spa day would be more like my ultimate spa week, free of charge at a prestigious spa somewhere in the country. Go big or go home right?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'd love to know what you'd have at your ultimate spa day and what great spas you have near you. Just in case I decide to stop fantasising and actually go on a real life spa break!


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