The Blogger Struggle


What do you see when you look at this post? No really, I'm being serious. I can't say for sure what you all think but I can hazard a guess. I think you see a beautiful girl, fashionable, happy, walking down the street sipping a coffee. All true-ish; especially the beautiful and fashionable bit. However, that's not the whole truth is it? I'm sure my blogger babes, amateur photographers and girls in general know the real struggle of taking a good outfit pic. Whether it be a mirror selfie or having someone take your photo with your smartphone or DSLR the struggle is very very real.

Not only did I have to stand in the rain and blistering cold for the good part of 45 minutes and manage a very serious hair malfunction #BlackGirlProblems but I also had to sift through 219 shots just to get these ten shots that made the cut. Can I let you in on another secret? The cup I'm holding, totally empty just a prop. Walking down the street you say? More like repeatedly taking a single step forward while trying to capture that realistic "walking" look. Happy? Nope, more like freezing my ass off and I don't care if these people are staring at me while I rub my nipples to make them less pronounced against my top.

I may have been freezing but damn do I make cold look good in this dreamy blouse from PLB or what? Paired with some step-hem jeans from Primark and some ankle boots from Treds, I'm serving city girl chic with my empty coffee cup YAASSS! Love all the pictures of course but my fave is the last one where I'm all wrapped up in my Bershka puffa walking away because I was literally wrapped. Done. Finished; and oh so happy to be going inside into the warm. Would love to hear some stories behind your pictures. Blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter I'd love to hear them all so please share in the comments below.

So there you have it guys, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! It's hard out here for a pimp. So next time you see a beautiful shot on the gram (yes ghost followers I'm talking to you) spare a thought (a double tap and a comment if you have a sec) for the possible 209 shots that didn't make the cut, for the blood sweat and oh so salty tears that happened behind the scenes, for the hours of editing and most of all for the person behind the camera who experienced the struggle too. The real MVP!

*Blouse - PLB | Jeans - Primark (similar) | *Boots - Treds UK (Alternative) | *Bag - PLB (Tan option) | Puffa Jacket - Bershka (alternative)

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Photos by  Ting


Adaoraah says:

You totally nailed the blogger struggle as well as your outfit and your shoot. Love Love Love.

tashpantz says:

Thanks so much Hun x

Shannon Kara says:

I love this shoot Tasha! Yes you rocked it good & proper in the cold! I admire your consistency cos Lord knows it’s much harder than it looks to take pictures! The struggle is real which is why I do not have half as much pictures as is like to.

Shannon //

tashpantz says:

So so real but it’s all worth it for you guys! Definitely try and get into it. Would love to see more of your style xx

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