The Boar’s Head World Buffet


Hey loves! The weekend is around the corner and I'm so excited! Is anyone else? Anyway I'm coming at you with a food related blog today as I haven't in a while and today we're talking The Boar's Head World Buffet.

I was invited along to The Boar's Head last Monday to sample their world buffet and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  It just so happened that it was the eve of my boyfriend M's birthday and I was allowed to bring a plus one so I thought I'd take him with me as a bit of a birthday treat. I'm no stranger to The Boar's head myself and have visited twice before and both times the food and hospitality was great so I was very much looking forward to visiting again.

When we arrived at restaurant we were greeted by the general manager Neil who was so welcoming and friendly. Neil personally seated us down at our table with some drinks menus and before long a waitress came by to take our drinks orders. We both went for some cocktails from their extensive selection and I kept true to form and ordered the Long Island Iced Tea which is a firm favourite and M went for the Amsterdam Mule which had New Amsterdam Vodka, lime syrup and ginger beer.


Our drinks arrived in good time and both were visually appealing and tasted great. I especially like that they had just the right amount of alcohol in them and weren't watered down like some cocktails tend to be. After our drinks were served we decided to go to the buffet and get some appetizers and as you can imagine the choice was amazing. There was everything from Indian, Oriental, Mexican, English and even Italian food and it was so tempting to just want to stack everything on our plates but we both kept it cool and went for a few favourites like some pakoras and poppadoms with some salad and a chutney. The food was so tasty and flavoursome that we were soon up for a second plate. This time I grabbed some of my favourite starters and finger food like salt and pepper chicken wings, a beef taco, spring rolls and some bbq chicken wings. I'd love to say that at this point I was so full and couldn't move but I was just getting started lol. I know I'm a small girl but I love me some food and I can eat a lot when I put my mind to it and this was definitely one of those evenings.




After our starters and a little bit of an intermission we ordered some more cocktails and had some of the mains. M helped himself to some dishes from the oriental section like sweet and sour chicken, chow mein and egg fried rice which all looked so tasty. For my main I thought I'd try out something from the stir fry section where you could pick out some raw ingredients and the chef would make your stir fry right there and then. I went for some chicken and prawns with some noodles, mushrooms, onions and peppers and I had my own custom made stir fry in no time! I must say this was my least favourite of all the food I had on this evening because the stir fry was just a bit too salty for me and I couldn't really taste any other flavours besides salt. Nonetheless, it was still quite cool to see the food being made right in front of me and it kind of gave me that Japanese teppanyaki feel. Plus when I noticed that the stir fry wasn't exactly how I liked it I just helped myself to some beef in black bean sauce, some curry chicken and some egg fried rice and everything was right with the world again. That's the beauty of buffets; if you don't like something you can simply try something else!





I also decided to visit the salad bar and helped myself to a little salad to go with my main and I was definitely spoiled for choice. There were so many fresh ingredients to make a salad to your liking including one of my favourites; beetroot. I happily stuffed my face with my main and my salad and by the time I was done with them I was definitely waving the white flag. I was so full and you know its real when I don't even have room for some ice cream! My only regret is not leaving enough room for pudding and also not taking some pictures of the wonderful dessert selection which included fruit, jelly, ice cream cakes and more! We both just settled for another cocktail each and finished our evening off chatting and enjoying the atmosphere which was lively and vibrant even on a Monday night.


boars head11

All in all we had the best time at The Boar's Head and we were well fed and looked after all night. The staff were so attentive and checked on us throughout our visit. They also made sure to clear our plates when we were done with our food and provide us with fresh cutlery and napkins for the next round. I was also very impressed with how clean the restaurant was especially the food stations which can tend to get a bit messy at a buffet. It's attention to detail like this that lets me know that the staff really care and I'm always impressed by this.

As well as the food being up to standard and having a vast selection, the buffet prices are also very affordable during the week and at weekends for both lunch time and evening services. This great value for money makes The Boar's Head the perfect destination for group dining experiences and I would definitely recommend visiting if you're looking for somewhere to celebrate a birthday or something similar. There is guaranteed to be something there for everyone.

I certainly had a good time at The Boar's Head and would definitely recommend visiting if you haven't already; you won't be disappointed! If you'd like to visit I'd recommend checking out their brand new website for more information on their food and drink as well as their special offers and rates for parties and gatherings. And if you've already visited The Boar's Head I'd love to know what you thought. Did you have a good experience or not? How was the food for you? Let me know in the comments below as I'd love to know and compare experiences. Talk soon xx

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*All food and drink was complimentary and courtesy of The Boar's Head World Buffet but all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way*

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