Instagram Baddie 101


The word "Baddie" is definitely one of the famous words of 2016. Ironically it doesn't mean villain like you think it would but rather it means "bad ass" or "bad B%$!h". These are terms you'd associate with the Kylie Jenner's and Hailey Baldwin's of this world and not little old me but I thought I'd have a go at creating an "Instagram baddie" look complete with thigh high boots and a unisex urban tee courtesy of Virtus Est Stylus.

I must admit this is not my usual look and it's a bit out of my comfort zone but I strangely like it. I'm also in love with this Popsicle t-shirt by Virtus which I purposely got in a large so that it could double up as a dress. Although not it's not my usual item that I would go for, I thought this t-shirt was fun and something that I could definitely work into my wardrobe. I think it would look great with some trainers and tucked into a pair of mom jeans and look equally amazing layered over or under a cami dress with some lace trim and finished off with some nice heels. What do you guys think? How would you style this Popsicle t-shirt?

I'm sure some of you are aware that I'm dabbling in a little bit of YouTube at the moment so not only did I capture this outfit for you guys in a blog but I also filmed it as part of my End Of Summer Lookbook which I've linked below. The lookbook also features outfit from my Autum Ready With Matalan and End of Summer posts in case you guys missed them. Please do check the video out and leave a comment, like and subscribe if you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed filming it and hope you guys like it and give me some feedback on it. Enjoy the rest of your week guys. Talk Soon xx   baddie5   baddie4   baddie2   baddie3   baddie   baddie6
*T-shirt - Virtus | Boots - Lamoda | Choker - New Look | Hair rings - New Look

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Love this look and the tee x

tashpantz says:

Thanks love x

Chileshe says:

Love love love!!! If I were to try this look I’d look funny but you’re killing it! X

tashpantz says:

I’m sure you’d look fab babe!! Thanks so much x

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