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Hey dolls! Hope you're all well! For today's post I'm bringing you a skincare routine featuring some products that are fairly new to my routine from the brand Forever Living. You guys know by now that when it comes to skincare, I'm very much a creature of habit and I very rarely try out new products but when my friend Michelle who is so passionate about Forever Living told me about these products I thought that I'd give it a go and broaden my skincare horizons a bit.

For my daytime skincare they are a few key things that I look to achieve and some of the most important are a bright and clear complexion, hydrated skin and a matte look. I always keep these points in my mind when I'm picking skincare and this time was no exception. I'll go through my routine step-by-step and let you know what products I use and why I use them so that it's easy for you guys to follow. I'll also try and keep it nice and short because I really don't want to bore you guys.

Aloe cleanser | Aloe Scrub | Forever Marine Mask |  Rehydrating Toner | Fleur de Jouvence Firming Day Lotion

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step of my daytime routine is a cleanse of all the dirt and grime accumulated on my skin throughout the night and to cleanse I use the Aloe Cleanser which is great for sensitive skin as it has hypo-allergenic ingredients and is also PH and moisture-balanced. It has a light, non-greasy and non-irritating lotion like formula which is a new experience for me as I usually use oil-based cleansers and to use it I simply apply some of the cleanser onto a cosmetic pad and run the pad over my face and neck in upward strokes. If I have makeup on I prefer to squirt some of the cleanser onto my hands and apply over my face like I would lotion and then I wipe off the cleanser with cosmetic pads after letting it sit on my skin for a 2-3 minutes.I think this does the job quite well with the only downside being that it can get a bit messy.

I like this cleanser and it definitely does a good job of removing the dirt and debris from the night and it also does a good job removing makeup even though I usually have to do the cleansing process twice to make sure all my makeup is off.


Step 2: Exfoliate

The second step in my routine is to exfoliate and this step is very important for me as I suffer from hyper-pigmentation and have oily skin which can get quite dull. I use the Forever Aloe Scrub to exfoliate twice a week and it contains soothing aloe vera gel and micro-spheres made from jojoba oil which make it effective enough to get rid of dead skin and left over dirt from cleansing but also gentle enough for daily exfoliation without any adverse effects such as drying of the skin. I also love that this scrub can be used on the face and the body which makes it majorly economical.

This scrub makes my skin feel so nice and supple after exfoliating and it gives my skin that healthy glow and brightness. The jojoba oil micro-spheres also rehydrate the skin and prevent my skin from feeling stripped, dry and irritated like some other scrubs I've tried in the past. It definitely prepares my skin for moisture and helps all the other products glide on to the skin seamlessly.

Step 3: Deep Cleansing and Moisture Replenishment

The next step in my routine is to give my skin a deep clean and put some moisture back into my skin. This step is not a daily step but one that I try to incorporate once or twice a week to make sure my skin is getting that extra TLC that it needs. I use the Forever Living Marine Mask for this step and it works so well because it uses the moisturising and conditioning properties of aloe vera, honey and cucumber extract to deeply cleanse the skin while balancing it's texture with sea minerals from sea kelp and algae.

This mask is super easy to apply and penetrates deep into the skin to leave it feeling fresh and revitalised and it really does provide my skin with the deep cleansing and moisture replenishment that it needs. I love using this mask on the days that I have a little time to spare and my skin loves me for it. My skin really does feel rejuvenated


Step 4: Hydrating

After deep cleansing I proceed to add more moisture back into my skin with the Forever Living rehydrating toner which is important in my routine because it removes those last traces of impurities and product from the skin whilst balancing it's PH and tightening pores to give the skin that rejuvenated appearance.

I love this product because it has natural ingredients just like all the other Forever products with the active ingredients being aloe vera and witch hazel which make sure that the skin is not dried out but moisturised and replenished.

Step 5: Moisturising

The final step in my routine is moisturising and to moisturise in the daytime I use the Aloe Fleur de Jouvence Firming Day Lotion which combines science and cosmetology to produce an effective day cream that can not only moisturise the skin but also fight the signs of aging.

This moisturiser definitely helps in firming and re-texturing the skin whilst tightening pores and giving a nice matte base for makeup application. I absolutely love this cream and it feels so amazing on the skin. My only qualm is that it doesn't contain SPF which is essential for me in day creams in order to help protect my skin for the sun's harsh rays which cause aging and worsen dark scars and hyper-pigmentation. However, this is a small thing and I usually follow on with an SPF from a different brand.

So that's it guys, this is my daytime skincare routine with Forever Living products including my brief thoughts on each product. This routine has been working really well for me and I have definitely noticed a lot of improvement in my skin's appearance and texture which is a definite win for me, especially with summer around the corner.

If you guys would like any more information on any of the products then please do leave a comment down below or contact Michelle on, she will be able to answer all your questions a whole lot better than I can. You can also purchase these lovely products and more from Michelle's shop so do treat yourselves to some great products and let me know your thoughts on the products if you do. I will be sharing my night time skincare routine (also with Forever Living products) sometime next week so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that if you're interested in knowing how I get my skin together before bed. I do hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'd really love to know some of your holy grail skin care items in the comments below because these amazing products have encouraged me to try out more new skincare! Toodles!

*This is not a sponsored post*

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Great post! I ll like to know the spf you re currently using. Tanks

tashpantz says:

I’m currently using the Hawaiian tropic satin protection SPF15 X

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