No-bake Protein Granola Bars


Hey dolls! Happy Monday! Today's post is not going to be a fashion post due to the fact that I didn't post last Thursday so apologies if you were expecting a fashion post. Okay so that's out of the way we can get on with todays post which is a healthy snack recipe :). I'm sure some of you may know that I'm on a bit of a fitness kick and not just a temporary one but one that I can really maintain and incorporate into my everyday lifestyle. With that being said, the healthy eating part of my fitness kick is going quite well and I have even taken to making my own healthy snacks; hence today's super simple no-bake protein granola bars.

I have never really had a sweet tooth before but for some reason since I started my fitness journey my body has been craving sugar more often and to make sure that I don't make any poor decisions I decided to make myself some no-bake protein granola bars filled with nutritiousness and goodness that will not only help me curb my sugar cravings but help to keep me full between meals and to help give me a boost of energy before a workout or after a workout.






And it's really that simple guys! You can have a yummy and healthy snack in next to no time with just a few simple ingredients! The great thing about these granola bars is that all you need are the three base ingredients; oats, honey and pureed dates and then you can customise the rest of the ingredients to your own liking. If there is something you don't like in the recipe above you can simply substitute that ingredient for something else! With a recipe this simple I can have these granola bars available and simply have no excuse to make poor decisions that won't do my body any good so if you're trying to become a little bit healthier this year then I encourage you to give these bars a go and let me know what you think! Also if you know any other yummy but healthy recipes feel free to share them in the comments as I'm always looking for new delicious healthy recipes to try out. Have a great Monday guys and remember; "Health is Wealth!"

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Brittany says:

This looks really yummy, definitely going to try it but instead I think I’ll add some chocolate chips for extra sweetness.

tashpantz says:

The dates and honey give it that sweetness that it needs trust me but there’s nothing wrong with extra choc chips lol x

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