November Outfit Recap


Hey dolls! Happy Monday! Gosh aren't the weeks flying? Christmas is around the corner and I must say I'm no where near ready and I'm not really in the festive spirit if I'm being totally honest. I don't know what is is but I get less and less excited about Christmas each year, is it just me? Maybe I'm outgrowing these festivities or maybe I'm a Grinch lol, shaggy green fur excluded of course.

Anyway it's Monday and I'm sure you guys were expecting an outfit post as is the norm over here on As Told By Tashpantz but unfortunately I don't have one ready for you guys today. I hate to make excuses but all I'm going to say is I had planned to shoot one for you guys on Saturday but due to a lost ASOS order and a very windy Birmingham I wasn't able to do so. I obviously didn't want to leave you guys with nothing so I thought it would be cool to recap the outfits I blogged in November.






I loved all the outfits I blogged in November and I like that there was quite a bit of variety from my new found love for the colour grey in "Feeling Grey" to keeping it cosy and casual in "The Camel Knit Dress". I went for something more sophisticated but understated in "Grown Up Casual" while sporting some autumnal hues, I showcased my love affair with monochrome and braved the cold weather in "Back To Basics" and I even went a little bit sexy in a gorgeous "Patchwork Faux Fur Coat" and some thigh high boots.

It was a good month for fashion here on the blog I must say but I'd love to know which outfit was your favourite and which style you think suits me best. I Hope you don't mind too much that I don't have a new outfit for you guys and I promise that I'll have one up for you next Monday. Toodles!

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OH MY WORD YOU LOOK AMAZING IN EVERYTHING. I love the faux fur coat the most, you have such a great style! Have a good Monday,
Bethany xx
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tashpantz says:

Thanks so much love! I’ll make sure to check your blog out X

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