Mom Jeans & Leopard Print

Hey dolls! Happy Monday! Hope you're all ready and excited for Christmas which is just a matter of days away. I'm ready, not so much excited but that's probably because I'm getting old lol. Anyway for today's post I thought I'd share an outfit I wore out last Saturday for a bit of shopping and food; you know food is always on the agenda for me. I went super comfortable with some mom jeans that I picked up in the ASOS sale and the black roll neck top that you guys saw last week in my "Winter is coming" post. I love that this top despite being super simple is not only a classic piece but one that is so versatile, it looks great paired with a multitude of outfits and you just know you can know wear it for many Autumn/Winters to come.

I added some leaopard print court heels that I picked up from Pretty Little Thing and they were a super bargain at only £5! I love how they elevate this look but still keep it super casual and fun. The weather ain't playing around either so you know I had to throw on a coat to keep warm and I went for this cream fluffy coat that I picked up in Primark when I initially went it for a pair of tights. Does that ever happen to anyone else? Go in for one thing, leave with something totally different? It happens to me a lot, especially in Primark because there's just so much stuff and so many people usually and I just get flustered pick something up and go lol. Anyway the coat was a bargain too at only £15 and its super cozy and warm so it was totally worth forgetting to get the tights. Anyway I'm mumbling on a bit... I really hope you guys like this outfit which by the way would also look super cute with flats or trainers. Toodles!


















Top - Boohoo via ASOS | Jeans - ASOS | Shoes - PLT | Bag - H&M| Coat - Primark

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  1. Michelle says:

    This look is 100% on point!

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