Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette Review

Hey dolls! So as you may have seen from my 'Small Beauty Haul' post, I got sucked into the hype and finally purchased a Makeup Revolution eye shadow palette. I picked up the Redemption Iconic 2 palette which is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and I've been trying it out for the last couple of weeks and I'm ready to give a review! 
So first thing's first this palette is super duper affordable at only £4 which is absolutely amazing! I'm not really big on eye shadows and will never spend loads of money on them to be honest so when I saw this amazing price point I was like it'd be rude not to try it out. The Naked 2 palette retails for just over £22 so if you're looking for a much cheaper alternative then I'd recommend picking this one up and giving it a try. The Palette has 12 shades which include 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades and it's the perfect bronzy-neutral palette with cool toned eye shadows as well as a few warmer shades. You really do get a good mix which would enable you to create a number of looks for day and for night.
The shadows themselves are super blendable with very minimal effort and fall-out which I love and which is great if you're an eye shadow novice and the shadows are also very pigmented and last pretty well on the eyes even without an eye shadow primer which is absolutely amazing for a drugstore brand. I've got an Estee Lauder quad which is 4 times the price of this palette and is no where near as good in terms of pigment and staying power so that just goes to show that pricier doesn't always mean better. 
So to summarise I'd definitely recommend purchasing this palette because it's great value for money, it produces very minimal fall-out on application and it has super pigmented and blendable eye shadows which last pretty well even without the use of an eye shadow primer. I mean you can't really go wrong for £4 can you?!? 
Unfortunately I can't offer a comparison to the Naked 2 palette having never owned one, but I've read a few reviews which suggest that this palette may actually be better with the biggest complaints of the Naked 2 being; fall-out and not lasting very well without an eye shadow primer. Don't take my word for it however and like with everything else you intend to spend money on I'd suggest doing your own research before hand. I must say however, that the Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 palette gets a solid 9/10 from me and i'll be purchasing more eye shadow palettes as well as other products from this brand in the future.
Thought I'd share a quick Snapchat selfie with an eye makeup look created using this palette just so you can get an idea of how the shadows look. This was created with just the shadows alone and without any primer. Let me know if you'd like a tutorial on this look in the comments below and I'll be sure to recreate it for you. Hope you enjoyed this review dolls and I hope you found it helpful. Come back soon! 
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Tashpantz K says:

It is a really good palette to be fair Im very impressed with it lol xx

Tashpantz K says:

No I haven't tried their count our kit yet but I want to try out. Lol thank you! I actually want them a little thinner they look like slugs haha xx

Esther Ivy says:

Unfortunately we don't have Makeup Revolution products here, but I like this one and the colours are gorgeous, also the price isn't too bad.

Brittany says:

I've been thinking about trying products from makeup revolution.. Have you tried the contour kit? By the way your eyebrows are "on fleek" I hate that word lol

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