A Small Beauty Haul

Hey dolls! So I came back then disappeared again... I apologise. As I had mentioned in my last haul post, I've had a lot going on and I did promise a full update which didn't come either but I promise you'll be getting one this week just so that you can better understand a few of the things that have been happening with me that have been keeping me off my blog as well as off social media. Anyway! Enough about that, as the title states, I have another small beauty haul for you guys that I hope you'll enjoy!
Laura Paige Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil | MUA Brunette Eyebrow Pencil | Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Liquid Concelaer Meduim-Dark | Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Eyeshadow Palette
So I picked up a couple eyebrow pencils as my current one is on the brink of extinction and The Laura Paige one is unfortunately too light even though its a dark brown but it has been working really well as a lip liner for my lipsticks or for all over the lips to give that 90s brown lipstick look. The MUA one is the perfect shade for my eyebrows and also really hand as it comes with the little brush on the end. I have also finally given into the Makeup Revolution hype and picked up a highlighting concealer in meduim-dark and the Redemption Iconic 2 eyeshadow palette which is meant to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Having never tried any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes (yes yes I know I'm late) I have nothing to compare this palette to but I'm really looking forward to trying it out and sharing my views with you guys.
10 Piece Makeup Brush Set - Ebay | Laura Paige Gel Finish Effect Nail Varnish - Taupe
I also ordered some makeup brushes off ebay after seeing a post of similar brushes of PrettySickly's Instagram. My makeup brushes desperately needed replacing as they had started to shed and generally fall apart so this was an essential purchase that only set my back £7!!!! What a massive bargain!! The brushes are super soft to the touch and very fluffy and you get 5 face brushes and 5 eyeshadow brushes, you simply cant go wrong. I'm yet to try them out but once I do I'll be certainly letting you know how I got on. 
I've been loving nude gel finish nails which are a huge trend for spring and I simply had to pick up this Laura Paige nail varnish in the shade taupe which is absolutely gorgeous. It dries quickly and lasts very well on the nails and I must say it's my current favourite nail varnish.
Assorted Cosmtic Sponges - 99p Stores | Superdrug Cleansing Facial Wipes
Last but not least I picked up some assorted cosmetic sponges for helping with setting my makeup and I also picked up some fragrance free cleansing face wipes for sensitive skin to include in my skincare regimen. That's basically It loves, these are all the bits I picked up. I hope you enjoyed this post and please make sure you come back soon for that update I've promised you guys! Toodles! 
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Tashpantz K says:

Yh I'll let you know if they're good or not very soon love x

Tashpantz K says:

It'll be coming very soon hun xx

You've picked up some awesome things, I can't wait to see what you think of the brushes!! I need more asap haha.

Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

I cant wait to hear the makeup brush review! Xx

Vicky says:

Wow you picked up a real bargain with those brushes! Glad to see you back to blogging 🙂
Victoria xx

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