Jumpsuits are the ever popular dress alternative and I'm a huge fan of them! I love how comfortable and effortless they are and now more than ever I love how put together some styles can make you look. Yes I know that they can seem a little bit intimidating but trust me when I say that there is absolutely nothing to fear when it comes to wearing all-in-ones. As long as you opt for a great fit and something that flatters your body-shape, you'll never have to worry. Personally, when I look for jumpsuits, I keep a few things in mind. I'm careful not to go for styles that will make me look shorter or wider than I am and I always make sure to opt for classic styles like this New Year's Eve Jumpsuit I wore a few years ago. These are tips I apply above the board when I do any sort of clothes shopping but I make sure to apply them even more so when it comes to buying items like jumpsuits which can be a little bit tricky.




I would obviously love for everyone to look as fab in their jumpsuits as I do in this Cari's Closet number (even if I do say so myself) so I thought that I'd share a few tips on how to find a jumpsuit that works for special occasions. I mean let's face it, dresses are usually a safe bet for special occasions but they can get a little bit boring and sometimes you just want something a little bit more interesting right!? That's where a good jumpsuit comes in as a nice alternative and I'm going to let you know how you can kill it every time in your jumpsuits.


If looking polished and put together is your aim then fit is key. Never wear anything that is too tight or too loose. You don't want to look like a woman in an adult baby-grow and completely swamp your figure and you most definitely don't want to look and feel uncomfortable in an ensemble that gives off cat woman vibes either. So always go for something that cinches you in at the waist, skims over the hips and then falls elegantly into a wide leg. This style and fit not only elongates the body but it also gives the illusion of an hour glass figure and who doesn't want that huh?

This *Nova Jumpsuit from Cari's Closet is an amazing fit on my petite frame and even though it has a lot going on on the top it cinches me in at the smallest part of my waist and then skims over my bottom half into a nice cropped trouser. The monochrome colour also elongates me and makes me look much taller than I am even with the cropped leg proving again why black is classic, practical and flattering when it comes to clothing.



If you're a novice at this whole Jumpsuit wearing game then I'll always advice you to go for a classic colour or print. Think black, white, polka dots and stripes. this is the general area of operation if you're a little bit intimidated. By no means am I someone who advocates for playing by the fashion rules and I believe that fashion should be fun and expressive but I also do believe that you should dress appropriately for all occasions so if you're going to an occasion that is a cocktail party or a wedding then stick to something more classic, tonal and understated - think a block colour, subtle embellishment and nothing too garish and if you want to up the anti then show out with your accessories instead!



If you’re going to wear something as engulfing as a jumpsuit then definitely go for heels! The higher the better. They will not only make you appear taller but they will also  improve your posture and make you feel like a million pounds - well at least until your feet can’t take anymore and you have to take them suckers off. Just try not to do that at the special occasion and try to hold on until you get home.    

So that’s it loves! These are just a few of my tips that I’d suggest following whenever you’re wearing a jumpsuit for a special occasion. They’re simple enough and easy to incorporate and if they’re not for you then that’s fine too! What’s most important as I always say is confidence so make sure you have lots at hand whatever the style of jumpsuit you wear and whatever the occasion. You’ll never go wrong with confidence!

Also, please make sure you check out Cari’s Closet for more occasion wear. Whether it be dresses or amazing jumpsuits like the one I’m sporting here, they’ve got you covered. All their pieces are ultra feminine and intricately made to make you feel amazing when you wear them. I mean this jumpsuit says it all. Intricate lace and detail above but sophistication and impeccable tailoring below. Perfect for any occasion and I will definitely be sporting this number out to an upcoming event.


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  1. Kemi says:

    This is a gorgeous jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are always a go-to for me as I think it’s so easy to style these up or down for any occasion really!

    • Natasha FS. says:

      I love jumpsuits too! Only time I hate them is when it’s time to go to the toilet loooool x

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