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I’m sure by now you guys know that I’m a sucker for a good dress. I wear dresses all year round to break up my usual style of denim on the bottom and a t-shirt, blouse or shirt on top. I just find dresses to be easy, super feminine and they can be so much fun. From different colours and styles to various lengths and prints; a dress can embody exactly how you feel on a particular day.

I love many assorted brands for several reasons but some of my favourites include ASOS for their variety, Warehouse for their great occasion dresses and Missguided and Boohoo for their trendy and affordable pieces. I had the pleasure of attending Zambia Fashion Week this past Saturday and I was so inspired by all the amazing occasion dresses I saw on and off the runway. There was just so much creativity and sass that I thought it would be a great idea to share my own occassion dress wishlist from some of my favourite brands like the ones I’ve mentioned above.


As you can see from the different styles in this wishlist, I have such eclectic taste when it comes to dresses. I love a good short skater dress equally as much as a dress with a dramatic frill or a slinky slip dress. However, my favourite dress from this wishlist is the navy skater dress from Warehouse which is a mini with a great lace detailing. I also love that it has long sleeves and a high neck which work so well with the length and shape of the dress. This dress totally embodies femininity, fun and a hint of sex appeal. Perfect for a party, wedding or cocktail event.

Which dress was your favourite? I’d love to know the answer in the comments below as well as where you’d wear you chosen fave. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you were inspired with some dress ideas for upcoming events and occasions.

*This is a collaborative post*


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  1. I love all your dress picks so I think I share your eclectic taste! I especially love the one shoulder dress, theres something about that fold over detail and vibrant orangey-red! – x

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