Circa 1970

Isn't it amazing how circular fashion is? And how things always tend to come back into fashion? I mean the '70s are such a huge trend at the moment but would you believe these flares are a good 5 years old??? I bought them in my first year of university and only wore them once and for some reason never threw them out which I'm now so grateful for because whilst all the fashionistas are out scampering and trying to get their hands on the latest '70s inspired gear, I already had these babies to hand. The tassel top I'm sporting with these high-waisted flares are also an old gem that I've had for a couple of years and it was purchased when the baroque trend was huge a couple winters ago and how great is it that the tassel detailing and messy french plait ties in so well with the current bohemian '70s trend. This just goes to show that fashion is entirely circular and old eras are always revived in new trends so make sure you don't throw out those gems dolls! The '70s were also well known for suede and I have another very old suede gem that I can't wait to share with you in an upcoming post. Hope you enjoy this look dolls. Toodles!
Tassel Top - Glamorous (similar) | Flares - H&M (alternative) | Wedges - New Look
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2 responses to “Circa 1970”

  1. Tashpantz K says:

    Haha thank god we have tall sections now. I would have fit right in coz I'm as short as they come haha xxx

  2. Anne Stone says:

    I'm loving this look. I'll admit I was around for the fashion in the 70s the first time around..eek! One thing I can tell you, people were a lot shorter then, or so you'd think, even at the tender age of 12 years I was a lot taller than my peers and I could not get a pair of flares to fit me, they were all at least two inches above my ankles…oh sad times.

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